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Saturday 18th May |
9:15AM - 5:30PM UK Time

Welcome to the Virtual Property Exhibition, the ultimate hub for property investors! Get ready for an all-encompassing update on every facet of the property market, straight from the minds of the UK's foremost property experts.

Dive into the presentations at your convenience or catch them all for a comprehensive market overhaul. Participating won't cost you a penny, but securing your spot is essential. Simply register to grab your access link for the day.

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Here's some of what you'll discover:

Living off The Steam: The Secret to Financial Independence (that others won't teach you!)
 Busting Myths about HMOs 
How To Find New Sources Of Money For Your Property Journey 
Financing your property deals
Get More Deals, in less time, right now!
 Here's how to bypass the current slow & sluggish market
Building A Property Development Team & Running Your Own Developments  
 Better, Cheaper Refurbs (Without Going Around the Houses)
 Which Properties to buy to not pay Tax

Meet the Virtual Property Exhibition Speakers:

Trainer, property investors network
I was leading a normal life working the 9 to 5 job and growing to hate it, I have a family to look after and felt trapped in my world, I enjoyed my family time but hated my job. so I decided to look into starting a business for myself and that's when I found Rent 2 Rent.

Since then, I got educated in not only Rent 2 Rent but all the property strategies out there and in 2019 I went on Simon Zutshi's Property Mastermind programme with 60 other property investors.

I was a top performer that year with the Rent 2 Rent strategy and voted the overall winner as well, I have managed to build a successful Rent 2 Rent business that I could live off in 8 months and have never looked back.
Founder of Property Entrepreneur
Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, Property Entrepreneur Daniel Hill is an Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Developer, Speaker and Writer who retired aged 35 with a £10m portfolio with 18% bank gearing and genuine Financial Independence.
As Founder and Chairman of PPN UK, one of the UK's leading property groups, Daniel oversees the investment and operation of 20+ trading, development and investment companies.
Having successfully started, systemised, scaled and sold many companies around the UK, Daniel spends 70% of his time managing his own investments, businesses and developments and 30% of his time supporting others via the UK's highest-rated Business in Property Training Programme,

Daniel will be sharing "Living off The Steam: The Secret to Financial Independence (that others won't teach you!)"
Founder, property investors network
Simon Zutshi, experienced investor, successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, is widely recognised as one of the top wealth creation strategists in the UK. Having started to invest in property in 1995, he went on to become financially independent by the age of 32.

Since 2003 Simon has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners how to successfully invest in a tax efficient way to create additional streams of income, give them more time to do the things they want to do and build their long-term wealth.
Director of Wealth Builders
Kevin Whelan is one of the UK’s leading experts and authorities on creating wealth. He’s an economist, author and the founder of WealthBuilders, an organisation dedicated to helping ambitious employees and time-poor business owners create multiple streams of recurring income independently of their job or business. Kevin teaches a simple, step-by-step, easy to follow processes that anybody can use to build wealth.

Kevin and WealthBuilders are on a mission to help 50,000 families completely transform their wealth and become financially independent He has a credible track record in helping business owners create streams of recurring income both inside and outside of their company and assisting employees to jump off the corporate treadmill.

Kevin will be sharing "How To Find New Sources Of Money For Your Property Journey".
Director of Mortgages
Scott has been a mortgage broker for over 20 years and a landlord for most of that time. After a slow start in property, Scott decided to get educated and completed the 12-month mastermind programme and as a result moved into the world of HMOs.

Scott continues to invest in property and is one of the rare breed of mortgage brokers that invests himself meaning he will understand the various property strategies as well as the challenges that investors face.
Co-founder & CEO of Property Filter
Property Filter is the online platform that gives you an unlimited deal flow of motivated sellers. Much more than just software, it’s the most predictable methodology to find deals.

With 1500+ Members using it up and down the country, and 1000s of deals done, it’s one of the fastest-growing property community in the country.
Guillaume has been investing in property since 2013 in France, since 2018 in the UK and full-time since 2021.

Property Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 and winner of the Advanced Property Entrepreneur Deal of the Year in 2022, Guillaume is now a judge at the prestigious Property Investor Awards.

Driven by a mission to empower 1000s of investors to excel at finding deals and levelling up the whole industry, Guillaume and his team continue to aggressively build and add to Property Filter every day.

Guillaume will be sharing "Get More Deals, in less time, right now!".
Founder and CEO of Sourcing Investments
Chris is an ambitious, highly motivated entrepreneur and property investor with a passion for implementing transformational change with results, within complex environments. By challenging assumptions and breaking conventions, he helps to create visible and sustained value by delivering exceptional results with lasting impact.

Chris will be sharing "Find a Deal, Then what?".
Business Development Manager of CrowdProperty
Rupert brings over 25 years’ experience in the property sector, including establishing his own surveying business providing services to clients such as Taylor Wimpey, Golding Estates and Atticus Land & Development. His previous positions include working at First Title Insurance plc, The SLH Group, Dunlop Heywood, Bellrock and Keppie Massie. Rupert has been heavily involved in business development throughout his career as well as gaining extensive experience in the insolvency field, resulting in an ability to deal with complex and sensitive matters.

Based in Liverpool, Rupert has built an extensive network in the North West and across the UK. His appointment at CrowdProperty marks a period of growth for the Birmingham-based company, providing a local point of contact to further develop relationships with SME developers looking for property project funding in the region.

Rupert will be sharing "Property Developing in Today’s Market - CrowdProperty."
Co-Owner and Commercial Director of DNA Financial Solutions
Hugh Spillane is an accomplished business owner and entrepreneur specialising in finance and insurance.

As the Co-Owner and Commercial Director of DNA Financial Solutions, he drives the firm's strategic vision and has overseen the company’s growth, award wins, and impressive industry recognition over the last 3 years. Hugh is also an active landlord with a portfolio in the North of England. 

Hugh will be giving a "Finance Update: A Mortgage Market in Transition."
Founder of Landlord Action
Paul Shamplina is the founder of Landlord Action Chief Commercial Officer of Hamilton Fraser and of Channel 5’s ‘ Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords’. He has spent over 25 years in the legal field helping landlords and letting agent with problem tenants. Often referred to as ‘The Landlords’ Friend’, Paul is regularly asked to comment in the media…and he isn’t afraid to give his point of view. He has also been named ‘Best Seminar Speaker’ in the 2019 LIS Awards.
Co-founder of propertyCEO
Ritchie has been involved in property development for almost 40 years, and as co-founder of PropertyCEO, he coaches both novice and experienced property developers how to create substantial returns from small-to-medium scale developments.

Ritchie’s development pedigree speaks for itself. A structural engineer by profession, he’s not only worked on hundreds of new-build, commercial and industrial conversion projects, he’s also trained and mentored countless developers and property professionals during his long career in the industry.

A business coach and strategist, he built up one of the country’s leading structural engineering firms and was appointed by the government as peer review engineer for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.

Today Ritchie and his business partner Ian Child head up PropertyCEO, one of the country’s most exclusive property development training companies.

Ritchie will be sharing "The Property Strategy for a Slow Growth Economy in 2024:
How You Can Make £100k in a Stagnated Property Market".
Founder of Property118
Mark Alexander is the Founder of Property118 and heads up their Joint Venture with Cotswold Barristers specialising in tax planning for UK private landlords. He’s been a portfolio landlord since 1989 and has been both location and financially independent for many years.

 In this presentation Mark will explain why a Limited Company share structure with or without ‘alphabet shares” is very different to the SmartCo ‘Family Investment Company” structure pioneered by Property118 and Cotswold Barristers and regarded by HMRC as sensible and robust business continuity planning rather than tax avoidance. A SmartCo structure should be the foundation of all serious property investment business owners to build on. Optimise your company structure for business continuity, legacy planning, tax efficient dividend allocation using lower tax bands of family members and mitigate Inheritance Tax on future growth. All whilst maintaining full control of your business.
Founder of The Successful Trader and the Successful Investor Academy.
Jeremy Downing is a successful investor, he invests mainly in 3 areas; Property, the Stock Market and Cryptocurrency. He has been investing and trading successfully in financial markets for well over a 15 years.

He is the Author of the No1 Amazon.Com Bestseller “The Successful Trader – Building Wealth for Your Future in Only 5 Minutes a Day”.

Jeremy is the founder of The Successful Trader and the Successful Investor Academy. Through his programs, Jeremy teaches individuals from all walks of life, how invest for the long term without fund crushing third party fees. Investing in asset-based funds including Property, Gold and Silver and Market Indexes.

Uniquely, his strategies focus on a low time commitment of just five minutes a week.

Jeremy will be sharing "Property Income without Tenants".
Founder of The Co-Living Revolution
Stuart is a product design entrepreneur who over the years has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands. He built a number of successful award winning businesses including a creative marketing agency and a product design company. After 25+ years in the design, tech and innovation sector he saw a gap in the market to drive positive change in a dated HMO industry.

Stuart's Co-Living projects have been featured in major trade and national magazines and he has picked up some of the biggest industry awards, most notably 2019 Property Developer of the Year and 2018 Property Investor of the Year.

Stuart will be sharing "How High Quality Co-Living HMOs Will Accelerate Your Property Investing Journey".
Client Relations Director at propertyCEO
Dan is an established property developer, landlord and a leading business consultant who has worked in the property industry for over 20 years. He is co-founder of Harnel Group which has numerous ongoing development projects across London.

He is a regular guest speaker at many of the largest property and business events across the UK, and has a passion for helping and supporting those looking to get into property development.

In his role as Client Relations Director at propertyCEO, the country's leading property development training company, he helps students get started on a property development journey that can lead to life-changing results.

Dan will be sharing "Building A Property Development Team & Running Your Own Developments".
Anthony Bailey-Grice
Managing Director of LNPG
Anthony is the Managing Director of LNPG , the largest buying group for private landlords in the UK. After spending a decade at one end or the other of the contract market, Anthony's job is now to bring this to private landlords, challenging each of us to raise the standard of our refurbs and maintenance whilst drastically reducing the cost.
Easier said than done? Not with LNPG. 
David Coughlin
Director of National Residential

David has vast experience in property trading, development and letting with a solution focused outlook. During a 20 year career with a property portfolio worth millions, he has developed a professional network in every area of property sales and management which he puts to good use by organising practical options where problem exist and mediating between buyers and sellers to ensure more than 95% of all sales complete in 56 days or less!

Arthur Kemp
Founder & Managing Director of Exact Capital Allowances LTD

Arthur Kemp of Exact Capital Allowances has been saving people tax for nearly 20 years by identifying Tax relief through Capital Allowances on properties. From HMO's to Serviced Accomodation and commercial properties - Arthur will explain what can be claimed and how to structure your property investment to allow for maximum Tax reilef.

Founder of Awaken 2 Business
Richard has been investing in property for over 25 years and has been operating Serviced Accommodation (SA) since 2016.

Richard is a leading expert in Serviced Accommodation operating his own SA portfolio. Richards team also manages other investors' property, allowing them to profit hands off from this excellent strategy.

In 2017 Richard attended the pin twelve-month Mastermind Programme, and he now teaches the Serviced Accommodation strategy to pin Mastermind groups.

Richard is also well known as the founder of Awaken 2 Business and VaVaVoom, where he helps property investors systemise and scale up their businesses using Virtual Assistants.

Richard will be sharing "Systemise and Scale in 2024".
Your Property Network (YPN)
After replacing her salary through property Michelle left her career as a secondary school French and Spanish teacher to focus on building her portfolio.

In the past 12 months Michelle has scaled her portfolio to work with experienced joint venture partners and private investors on flips, freehold blocks of flats, HMOs and single lets using a variety of strategies.

Michelle is host of Chester Property Meet and has developed a strong network of investors and property professionals both locally and nationally. Over the past 6+ years Michelle has invested in her property education and in July 2018 embarked on an elite 12 month Mastermind programme with Simon Zutshi where she was awarded one of the 'Top 5 Performers of the Year' award.

Michelle also works for YPN (Your Property Network) as podcast and webinar host, interviewing property experts, writing for the magazine and managing their premium training programmes.

Michelle will be sharing "3 Creative Ways to Find Deals in 2024".
Founder Industry Rockstar
Kane has delivered his award-winning business trainings at conferences in 32 countries across the globe. He has directly delivered in person 3000+ presentations and conferences to over 3 million business owners.

Kane is arguably among the most impactful business mentors on the planet – having been sought out by Celebrities, Influencers, Thought Leaders, Experts, Founders, Executives and Entrepreneurs looking to make a massive impact. His award-winning strategies cover key business aspects: strategy, marketing, sales, leadership and human behavior optimization.

Kane has been featured in over 330 press stories on TV, magazines and other media channels in the USA, Asia, Europe & Latin America.

Kane will be sharing "AI for Property Investors"
Founder & CEO of Sourcing Investments
Chris is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sourcing Investments. Chris had previously worked in large corporates, such as PA consulting and Intel Corporation, before immersing himself in the property sector. He is an experienced property investor in his own right, including leading a £35m London-based property fund, and building his own HMO and BTL portfolio. Chris has also trained and mentored a large number of International and UK property investors on their own property journey.

Chris is always the person to ask ‘why’ and challenge the status quo – and after seeing the challenges faced his own property investment trainees, venturing into the largely unregulated property investing market, he decided to do something about it. That’s how Sourcing Investments was born – to create a secure, trusted and independent marketplace, giving investors that crucial line of sight to local investments and teams they could not secure themselves.

Chris will be sharing "Find a Deal, then What!"
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In today's ever-evolving property landscape, staying updated is key for investors, developers, and landlords. That's why this event is crucial.

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